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Were you caught stealing an iPhone, TV, or car even? Regardless of the items stolen, it is very important to know the different types of theft crimes that can occur or even the severity of the charge. Questions to keep in mind after being charged with theft are:

  • What is the value or price of the stolen item?
  • Were there additional crimes committed in order to achieve theft?
  • Did you use a deadly weapon or force to commit theft?

In addition, theft under the law is considered a crime of dishonesty and can be used to attack your credibility as a truthful person. No matter what went down, attorney Rachel Walker Al-Yasi knows exactly how to help you make your case and will always make the prosecutors prove what they say they can. At the end of the day, it is your right to fight!
Petty Theft
Even though petty theft is generally treated as a misdemeanor, it could lead to further investigation and may result in some jail time. Usually, petty theft crimes are related to shoplifting charges which are when a shopper steals an item from the store without paying for it. It is still important to note though that you can be charged for shoplifting due to the following reasons:

Changing the price tags on a higher priced item to a lower priced one in order to pay less
If you change the packaging of a higher priced item to a cheaper item in order to save money
Walking out of a store with any unpaid merchandise concealed or hidden
Consumption of any food or beverage without paying for it and leaving the store

The law firm of Attorney Rachel Walker Al-Yasi is experienced in finding out what possible options you face after committing or being charged with petty theft.
Grand Theft
We noted earlier that the severity of the theft depends on various factors including the value of the item stolen. Grand Theft happens whenever the offender takes possession of something that is worth more than $499. These charges carry more weight than a misdemeanor, have higher fines, and offer longer jail times. The breakdown below helps in differentiating what type of theft you committed:

Type of Theft Sentence/Penalty
Misdemeanor Petty Theft The stolen merchandise or item is $250 or less (N.M. Stat. Ann. § 30-16-1(B).); no more than six months in jail; fine as high as $500 ( § 31-19-1.)
Misdemeanor Theft The stolen merchandise or item is more than $250 and no less than $500 ( § 30-16-1(C).); no more than 1 year in jail; fines as high as $1,000 ( § 31-19-1.)
Fourth Degree Felony Theft The stolen merchandise or item is more than $500 or less than $2,500; applies to stolen firearms valued less than $2,500( § 30-16-1(D), (H).); no less than 18 months in jail; fines as high as $5,000 ( § 31-18-15.)
Third Degree Felony Theft The stolen merchandise or item is more than $2,500 or less than $20,000; applies to stolen livestock of all values ( § 30-16-1(E).); no more than 3 years of jail time; fines as high as $5,000 ( § 31-18-15.)
Second Degree Felony Theft The stolen merchandise or item is over $20,000 or more ( § 30-16-1(F).); no more than 9 years of jail; fine as high as $10,000 ( § 31-18-15.)

Identity Theft

In New Mexico, identity theft is described as one person taking advantage of another person’s personal information (name, credit card info, social security, date of birth, etc) to gain a personal benefit. Usually, this type of theft happens when an individual compromises a piece of valuable information which is then used to trickle into bank accounts, purchase items online, receive loans in that person’s name, and other financially beneficial activities.

Identity theft crimes in Albuquerque New Mexico can be defined as:

  • Online purchases using someone else’s information
  • Obtaining or applying for a credit/debit card and making purchases with it
  • Obtaining or applying for a mortgage, loan, or bank account using someone’s information
  • Altering and/or counterfeiting bank cards, driver’s license, or official records (medical, marriage)
  • Forging of signatures on any official documents for any type of purchases debit or credit

What to do if your identity has been stolen or taken advantage of:

  • Call your local authorities to place a report on your situation
  • Make sure you terminate any accounts that have been opened or compromised by the identity thief
  • Contact all major three credit reporting institutions and ask for a “fraud alert” on all of your files; placing a security freeze on your credit is also recommended
  • Go through all forms of payments, transactions, emails, contacts, debts, or information related to the theft in order to document and affiliate yourself from
  • Contact the Federal Trade Commission and file a complaint
  • As a New Mexico resident, you may request an Identity Theft Passport

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