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Being charged with a criminal offense in New Mexico can be a devastating experience for anyone, especially when the arrest could have been unnecessary. Law enforcement officials in border states such as New Mexico are often quick to charge suspected individuals when there is even a hint of criminal behavior. Charging defendants with insufficient evidence is a common practice, always resulting in the need for legal representation for those accused. And, those who face unsubstantiated charges endure the same problems immediately following an arrest as those who have actually been convicted of a crime. It is vital in a state like New Mexico to have aggressive and diligent legal counsel when being charged with a crime, even when charges are misdemeanors. All felony convictions carry the potential for at least one year in jail, and misdemeanors can carry up to 364 days in jail. With the opioid crisis, attitudes toward drug crimes is changing. Even an arrest can ruin the life of a defendant, particularly when charges should never have been filed, to begin with. Having an aggressive private Albuquerque criminal defense lawyer like Rachel Walker Al-Yasi is essential for any positive outcome.